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Elbow Greeting

Safety First

The health and safety of your child is one of our top priorities.  We operate under State Religious Exempt Status and file documentation annually with the Virginia Department of Social Services.  BUMP is inspected annually by the Montgomery County Fire and Health Departments.​

We continue to be vigilant against communicable and transmissible diseases.

For 2023-24, we will continue our increased cleaning of high-touch surfaces.  ​Student, staff, and parent/family masking is optional. However, we will always be supportive of mask-wearing. 


Classroom windows are kept open as much as possible and when comfortable.  CO2 monitors are frequently checked for appropriate readings and HEPA air purifiers are used in our classrooms.  


We encourage the use of our outdoor space as an alternative to the classroom and for eating snacks.


We kindly request you keep your child at home when they are sick, exhibiting cold- and flu-like symptoms, had contact with a person with COVID-19, awaiting results, or tested positive for COVID-19.

We reserve the right to require a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to school.


We reserve the right to send home ill children. Please abide by the policies set forth in the Parent Handbook. 

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